Why choose PowerPlant for supplements and health products

PowerPlant Supplements are a Gold Coast based company that places emphasis on working with customers to help them achieve their goals, we believe everyone deserves to reach their peak and unlock their true potential in health and fitness. We have little control over much in the world, but we have total control over how we look and how we feel. PowerPlant Supplements will endeavour to work on providing the top cutting-edge products and brands available whilst creating our own premium formula’s to fill any gaps in the industry and provide the ultimate shopping experience. PowerPlant Supplements will provide ongoing support and only the latest advancements in science will be promoted in our store, not the products with the highest margins. We believe strongly in people over profits.

Powerplant Nutrition will rely on heavily scientific and advanced formulas backed up with market research and utilizing brands and companies with integrity and a focus on ethics. PowerPlant wants to contribute to society by supplying quality brands with unparalleled service, education, and support.

Our Vision

The vision of PowerPlant Supplements is to bring the world’s most trusted and scientifically proven supplements to the retail market. We do this through business contacts and relationships that have been built over the 17 years I have worked in the industry, in Australia and in America.