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SR9009 or 'Stenabolic' is one of my personal favourites when it comes to Sarms. SR9009 is non stimulant based and non hormonal, it works off REV-ERB (NR1D1, NR1D2) activation in the body. REV-ERB affects the circadian behavior, altering their activity and in numerous studies, this leads to;


-Increased oxygen consumption 
-Decreased generation of new fat cells in the liver 
-Decreased production of cholesterol and bile acids in the liver 
-Increased the number of mitochondria in muscle 
-Increased glucose and fatty acid use in muscle 
-Decreased fat storage 
-Increased endurance, fitness and cell repair


Some of the popular effects amongst athletes of using SR9009 (Stenabolic) include;


1) Weight Loss
After using SR9009 for 7 days, patients in the studies lost weight due to a decrease in fat mass. Food intake was not affected.

Similarly, diet-induced obese patients using SR9009 for 30 days lost 60% more weight than control animals. Blood levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol, free fatty acids, and insulin levels also decreased.

In genetically obese people, SR9009 stopped weight gain after 12 days without affecting glucose levels or insulin tolerance.

2) Blood Cholesterol
SR9009 given for 7 to 10 days reduced blood levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol.

3) Endurance
SR9009 use for 30 days showed increased endurance. Patients ran for a longer time and covered more distance than controls without exercise.

SR9009 increased the number of total and active mitochondria in muscle cells.

4) Decreasing Inflammation
SR9009 diminished lung inflammation.

It also reduced the production of inflammatory molecules in nerve cells.

5) Heart Disease
A study was done on individuals susceptible to hardening of the arteries that were treated with SR9009 for 7 weeks. The size of the blood vessel lesions was reduced, while food intake, body weight, and blood fat levels were not affected.

SR9009 usage for 28 days improved heart function

6) Anxiety
SR9009 was shown to decrease anxiety-like behavior in and was as effective as a benzodiazepines in majority of studies, which is very promising in this fast paced lifestyle we live in 2019.

7) Tissue Damage (Fibrosis)
SR9009 decreased tissue damage with induced liver scarring when treated with SR9009 for 2 weeks.

Its not hard to see why this SARM is an exceptional product and best used by anyone wanting optimal health, results and overall fitness, endurance and longevity.


Being non hormonal it is optimal for both men and women, with great results experienced by all. 




MK677 is one of the ultimate Growth Hormone Supplemens available and will pulse growth hormone contuinously increasing youthful looks, energy and building hard lean muscle, repairing damaged cells and oxidising fats.


With Scientific Sarms MK677, here’s a clinically tested secretagogue that actually boosts your body’s natural secretion of Growth Hormone. It is backed by multiple clinical studies conducted to test the efficacy and the safety.


Every athlete wants to get his hands on some HGH for obvious reasons. But HGH is obscenely expensive and very difficult to source. Not to mention that you will have to make needle pricks for months before it kicks in.


Using MK-677 is like having an incessant supply of HGH without the needle pricks or the cost. You will gain lean, hard muscle during your bulking cycle.


You will lose fat faster and keep your hard earned muscle. That’s a dream scenario by the way!!


  • Better looking skin: Your skin will start to look much better. It’s like being on botox. Fewer wrinkles, crow lines and great complexion.


  • Lean Muscle: If you can put in the work in the gym, Scientific Sarms MK-677 can help you gain lean muscle mass. The gains might not be comparable to what a cycle of Ostarine or Testolone can get you. But it will still be better than not using any SARM,  Scientific Sarms MK-677 increases the amount of calories that your body use for generating muscle and improving bone density.


  • Fat Loss: By increasing the amount of calories utilized for building muscle, it forces your body to tap into the stored fat reserves for its metabolic purposes. In simple terms, you lose fat while you retain muscle.


  • Better sleep: You will experience deep REM sleep, naturally, like never before which in turn helps your body to recover better from exercise.


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