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Author: James Read  

Welcome to the Evolution

As the owner behind the exceptional new supplement company that prides itself on INTEGRITY and providing the public with the BEST in Sports Science 

I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and my passion developed during my youth and climaxed as i used my knowledge of supplement science and health to transform myself from a very soft unmotivated 93.7kg to a very chiselled 72.5kg within 12 weeks, this journey changed my life and also landed me multiple cover shots and the illustrious title of Ironman BodyBlitz Grand Champion. 

I went on to keep studying whilst also following my favorite sport and having a successful career in boxing where i continue to help young or older athletes reach there peak. 

I have been an avid researcher and learner with Degree’s in Sports, Health Science, Justice, Nutrition and Business combined with lengthy work in the USA where i was very proud to be the first ever Australian to mass produce and sell an unknown Australian product to the larger US Market. 

I am well rounded in my knowledge and most importantly of all- my incentive and passion is providing the BEST available in Sports Science or alternatively, if it isnt available, creating it for my growing customer and athlete base. 

I believe life is an adventure and a journey that is far more enjoyable if we stand together and help each other. 

I truly believe people deserve to feel there best, be there best & perform at there peak!

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