The Truth About Fat Burners- Do They Really Work?

Author: James Read  

The Truth About Fat Burners- Do They Really Work?


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The supplement industry has become one of the fastest evolving industries in the world, especially when it comes to fat burning supplements. Whilst we are lucky to be in a generation where supplements have advanced technologically in leaps and bounds which has produced some highly effective formulas and some innovative weight loss formulas, we also live in an age where sometimes this can be manipulated by unscrupulous or unethical companies.

Without mentioning names, stay away from anything that appears to be a pyramid type scheme, requires direct debits or is ONLY available online as those are 3 great signs for a brand and product you want to avoid.

If you prefer to take advantage of the leaps and bounds in fat loss technology, your best option is always to talk to an expert in person and find out exactly what is the best fat loss product or product’s for you dependant on your goal amongst numerous other aspects to consider such as stimulant tolerance.

Now, if you were to utilise a top quality retailer based on performance science and stocking all the most cutting edge products to assist you in your goals such as PowerPlant Supplement science and performance, your job will become a LOT easier. 

Utilising one of our proven scientific brands that come highly recommended such as Engineered Sports Technology, Muscle Sports or BPM labs you will be in for a plethora of exceptional products that were carefully chosen for their effectiveness and backed up with solid research. 

Here at PowerPlant, we have also ensured that all customers are accounted for by providing nuclear strength thermogenic stimulating formula's to thermogenic fat burners minus stimulants and increased levels of antioxidant ingredients to ensure we are not only attacking fat from all angles but designing products that can be used by all members of the health and fitness industry. 

Fat burners work by increasing the bodies’ metabolic rate and therefore increasing the amount of calories burnt daily, with or without training. Obviously training is highly recommended for health reasons and to accelerate results. Thermogenic fat burners can also include ingredients specific to a person’s body type or goal, for example some fat burners will focus on controlling estrogen to ensure fat and water retention is decreased. This is a common issue for most women and explains why they yo-yo up and down in weight throughout the day, weeks and month.

Many Thermogenics may include ingredients to increase mood, energy and optimise insulin to ensure we aren’t storing excess fat and that we are pulsing with energy when dieting and training which will help you function day to day and increase productivity whilst increasing feelings of well-being.

When combined with a healthy diet and training fat burners are the perfect accelerants to ensure we are optimising our utilisation of fuel and increasing our mood and energy levels to cope with the reduced calories and extra training we are doing.

Do fat burners work? In one word, YES.


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