PowerPlant Supplement Science has ARRIVED

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PowerPlant Supplement Science and Performance for Cutting Edge Products, Specially Tailored Advice and Unparalleled RESULTS!


Now and then we are lucky enough to witness an evolution in the sports and performance industry that leads to a premium company that is created to work with the customers best interest at heart and creates a community of athletes and active people that can obtain not only the best in sports or health supplementation but also the best advice when it comes to supplement usage and specially tailored products, eating plans and activity goals. Well, we are happy to be that evolution. Welcome to the new age in supplement science and performance with the inception of PowerPlant Supplement Science and Performance.

We offer a wide range of health and sports supplements with access to the best flavour

profiles and the highest quality manufacture possible.


PowerPlant will adopt a new and very unique direction of formulating and providing the community with only the best available products in sports science backed up with education, without taking the all too familiar route of pressuring customers into a specific direction of a cheaply made home-brand or favored brand that offers little to the customer and is revolved around profit. PowerPlant Supplement Science will focus on delivering the best to our customers from the health and fitness community thanks to our long history and impressive resume working globally with some of the biggest and best companies available today.

PowerPlant will be rolling out a fast growing diverse range that includes some of the most ground breaking revolutionary formula's in the industry that I personally guarantee you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

PowerPlant pride ourselves on our integrity and knowing that our customers will be receiving the optimal results and getting exactly what they are hoping to achieve when they enter a supplement store. Be excited for the latest player in the game that will be working around the clock to provide the best products, not the most marketed or profitable.


PowerPlant was created to deliver on my firm belief in PEOPLE OVER PROFITS.


The PowerPlant team wont be sucked into the monopoly found Australia wide where ineffective brands or highly marketed easy to sell fluffy products line the shelves. We will instead thrive off education and always take the risks to secure only the GREATEST available products in the Sports Science world. Luckily, we have the access to products and science that 99% of stores don't even know exist.

Why? Simple, because we have a rich background in the industry and have traveled the globe, working with the largest international companies formulating and providing the best in sports science.


Our team comprises a wide array of industry guru's and professionals. We are all avid researchers and learners with accompanying Degree’s in Sports, Health Science, Justice, Nutrition and Business combined with lengthy work in the USA where the owner, James Read, was very proud to be the first ever Australian to mass produce and sell an unknown Australian product to the larger USA Market.

Our team is well rounded in my knowledge and most importantly of all- our incentive and passion is providing the BEST available in Sports Science or alternatively, if it isnt available, creating it for our growing customer and athlete base.


I believe life is an adventure and a journey that is far more enjoyable if we stand together and help each other. I truly believe people deserve to feel there best, be there best & perform at there peak!

Whatever your goals, become a part of this excting new chapter in the supplement industry. If you haven't already, head to the PowerPlant Supplement Science and Performance Facebook page and stay updated with the latest developments and receive the optimal supplements designed for enhanced results that will have you feeling your best and performing at your PEAK!!

Anyone serious about results and where they invest there time and money, its a pretty simple decision.


PowerPlant Supplement Science has ARRIVED.


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