How Nootropics can unlock your brains potential!

Author: James Read  

Nootropic formulas are a great way to increase your energy levels whilst boosting your overall mood and performance. Nootropic products are usually pre dominantly found in the fat loss or pre workout section due to the way they work on your brain. 

These formulas focus on using high quality herbs, nutrients and amino acids to positively influence your dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin and endorphinsand increase energy output without relying on excessive levels of caffeine. Caffeine is beneficial at optimal doses, but once you start increasing your caffeine intake you will simply increase your cortisol levels whilst increasing vasoconstriction and having to increase your pre workout or fat burner usage. 

Once you find yourself needing more and more scoops of a formula, you have discovered a product with no longevity and relies heavily on cheaper ingredients like caffeine and beta alanine for 'tingles'. You want to steer clear of these products as they are usually flashy with nice labels, but the formula contained within is severely lacking and you don't want that to be your performance enhancement tool. 

Some great nootropic based products high in actives and potent eastern adaptogens to reduce cortisol whilst enhancing well-being and performance is the EST Thermaphoria; EST Methyl Mass, Myocore Hyperdrine, Bullnox AndroRush, Altered State by JD, Mutated Nations Crack3d, BPM Labs LipoRush Tablets, Thermal Black and BPM Labs The ONE. 

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