GLUTAMINE- Recovery and Immunity

Author: James Read  

Glutamine is an amino acid utilized by athletes for recovery. It is an excellent amino acid and its best use is to aid the immune system and prevent cold and flu in athletes that train regularly.


Glutamine has the ability to convert to glycogen if necessary making it a great tool to decrease catabolism. Glutamine has numerous benefits in the body and one of the best, in my opinion, is its positive benefits on the immune system and ensuring we are staying on top of our health whilst training with intensity in this day and age with its fast paced living, combined with the decreased nutrients available in today's foods.


Glutamine not only benefits the immune system but also helps aid digestion, this is a welcome benefit in todays world where digestive issues are seemingly more prevalent. It can also greatly benefit the recovery process by aiding muscles in recovering glycogen replenishment and aiding the body in fighting inflammation, leaky gut and muscle wasting.


So, to surmise, Glutamine is an amino acid used as:


-A building block for body proteins

-Fuel for cells that line the gut

-Fuel for immune cells, such as macrophages

-Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance

-Preventing the burning of other amino acids for energy


Glutamine comes in pure form and is best-used post training and before bed in 5-10g serves depending on size and training intensity. I prefer to increase to 10g during winter or times of stress to ensure optimal health and recovery.

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