Estrogen - the antithesis to the entire concept of bodybuilding

Author: James Read  

To many in the athletic and bodybuilding community, merely speaking the word ‘estrogen’ causes unnecessary water retention and fat gain. The key to mastering the ultimate physique has always been to maximize testosterone production while minimizing estrogen and cortisol. To those who make the ethical decision not to venture to the dark side, natural hormone manipulation can be a very delicate process, with majority saying it is impossible. Thankfully, BPM Labs has a reputation of making the impossible…possible!!


Riding the wave of BPM's impressive line up of effective and hardcore sports supplements, EstroBlok boasts a potent list of effective ingredients in the fight to maximizing hypertrophy whilst minimizing water, fat retention and simultaneously suppressing the body’s natural cortisol response. Combine BPM EstroBlok with Testomaxxx with and you create the perfect environment for maximum strength, muscle-building and fat loss.



EstroBlok has potent estrogen blocking technology to ensure you maintain a dry lean impressive physique whilst keeping body fat and fluid to a minimum. This is the perfect product for decimating estrogen and dramatically increasing natural testosterone levels for a great looking strong, firm and dense physique of quality muscle.


BPM Estroblok is the optimal natural product of its kind and is pioneering a new approach to creating the perfect testosterone optimizing, estrogen eradicating and cortisol suppressing machine helping to create the “Ideal Male Physique.”

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