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BPM Labs have once again come out of the gates with another revolutionary product to join the growing ranks of exceptional and industry changing products already created by this impressive scientific brand. AM/PM BURN is the latest technological advancement by BPM Labs and was created to fill the void of highly effective fat burning formulas without any cortisol boosting stimulants. 

Stimulants are obviously great for providing much needed energy to get you through the day and maintain productiveness, and they sure have there place in todays fast paced society, but the intake of excessive stimulants will inevitably lead to adrenal fatigue, an extremely common condition stemming from the increase in cortisol and the decline in overall energy leading to fatigue and listlessness. 

The optimal way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to decrease stimulant intake such as switching to a stimulant free thermogenic fat burner such as AM/PM BURN which contains optimally dosed fat metabolisers in Acetyl Carnitine and CLA which work together synergistically to not only break down and transport fatty acids into the cell to be used as fuel but CLA ensures the bodies ability to utilize fat as a fuel source and limiting its storage on the body, especially the visceral or stomach region.

Diuretics such as Dandelion to decrease excess fluid retention creating a leaner, toned physique. Proven appetite suppressants such as Garciana Cambogia and Bitter Melon, carbohydrate blocking technology including the Garciana which slows the enzymes action in the breakdown of carbohydrates into energy leading to decreased fat storage. Potent liver cleansing amino acids such as Methionine which works as a double threat by not only cleansing the liver but effectively increasing protein synthesis in the body and lastly we have the very popular thermogenic herbal extracts such as Raspberry Ketones to effectively increase the bodies internal temperature to burn calories whilst also decreasing appetite leading to a fat burning powerhouse.

The Liver is the fat burning organ of the body, so the inclusion of potent liver cleansing amino acids is a standout in this formula. Ensuring we have a fully functioning healthy liver is detrimental to overall health, vitality and maintaining a lean physique. This also equates to a healthier product that will ensure they body is operating at its peak and can be utilized day and night to create the perfect fat loss environment.

BPM Labs AM/PM Burn can be stacked with your pre training formula or annihilate for people looking for enhanced energy, stimulation and to partner up their favorite fat loss performance tools earlier in the day or pre training. Any other time optimal dosing is on its own, especially before retiring to bed at night. 

AM/PM Burn stands on the pinnacle of stimulant free fat loss technology. 
Containing a powerful list of ingredients such as Acetyl L-Carnitine, CLA, Raspberry Ketones, inositol, methionine and choline to increase the body’s metabolism, mental focus, concentration, antioxidant ability and ability to transfer fatty acids as an effective preferred fuel source whilst reducing bloat and fluid retention cements BPM Lab’s legacy as the most advanced and effective way to create the perfect physique.

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