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PowerPlant Supplements was founded by me, James Read, after a successful career working in the health, performance and supplements industry. In 2003, It all started when I opened my own gym on the Gold Coast and sold sports supplements and health products to accelerate my clients results and ensure they were performing at their peak.

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During this period, I was an avid reader and researcher which I applied to myself in my chosen sport of boxing to ensure I was competing at my peak and recovering optimally.  My knowledge and passion for supplements was also utilised with great success to transform my physique within 3 months, after allowing myself at one stage to balloon out by over 30kg of excess fat, to a physique that ended up on the front cover of the top selling bodybuilding, health and fitness magazine at the time Ironman Magazine. I used this motivation to feature in numerous health publications and in my local paper which was an exciting experience and helped open my passion and expertise up to a wider audience that I could help through my training facility.  Helping others become there best, to reach their very own unique potential has always been my driving force. I went on to write articles in the health and fitness industry for numerous publications such as Ironman magazine and Max Muscle publications.

Since then I have maintained a heavy focus on ensuring that I am up to date with all the latest studies, advancements in science and the evolution of products in the market, by increasing my education and knowledge. This knowledge has been crucial to my success in the industry and has enabled me to formulate top selling products for both the Australian and American markets. I believe that keeping up to date is critical in such a fast-paced scientific industry and I can use this knowledge to better understand and help my clients.

The Future

I have the skillset and passion to ensure that PowerPlant Supplements is always on the upper echelon of sports and health supplements. PowerPlant Supplements has a solid plan for growth and establishing both a strong retail presence backed up with knowledge and expertise to ensure we provide the ultimate shopping destination for our customers.


I have spent a long time studying in my chosen field and, luckily, I have a passion for reading and research and this has propelled me to complete my Bachelor Degree of Health Science, a Diploma in exercise science, Diploma of Business and specialised certificates in the health and fitness industry. I have continued to study, knowing that in this industry you must maintain an open mind to the changes in the science field to become the greatest healer and to ensure you are the upper echelon of performance science. Further to this, I have completed certified courses in sports management and conditioning, and as a specialised dietician for athletes.  I will continue to further enhance my knowledge and utilise this to bring the world’s best products and advancements in science to PowerPlant Supplements customers.

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