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The Powerplant was created with the objective of supplying you with the optimal platform to obtain not only the leading brands and products in regards to health and performance science, but tailored it to your specific goals and we have worked tireleslly, using decades of research and in the field skills ranging from formulating to working with professional athletes, to ensure we can help anyone to unlock there full potential in AND out of the gym. 

Powerplant Supplements is designed with the clear objective of helping people increase there overall health, performance and longevity whilst giving a boost to your quality of life via natural, yet potent, products designed to illicit profound results and not simply empty your wallet. 

You won' find any home brands, watered down formulas or over hyped 'insta-famous' brands or products at The Powerplant. Only the top performing products and formulas that we have discovered using our vast research and industry understanding after decades working in formulating and research will reach our shelves, although we are happy to stock whatever products our diverse customer database requires and understand 'everyone is different' and some products work well for others and help them to remain motivated and stick to there new training or lifestyle regime. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we will endeavour to help you as much as possible and make your journey as succesful as it can be on the way to health, performance enhancement and longevity. 


James Read

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Keto Switch

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